To run in Vietnamese, is to “chay”. Last week I got to spend some time north of Saigon in the village of Dong Xoai, Vietnam. This photo is taken on a trail through a rubber tree plantation where I was exploring. 

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I think this is the most elegant pronunciation I’ve found for running. To bad I don’t feel very elegant when being chased by angry monkeys in the forest of Bali, Indonesia.  There aren’t any monkeys in the rice terraces however. Many thanks to Wayan for allowing me to run here.  

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Pǎo is the pronunciation for run in chineese. Humidity seems to be my Achilles heel. My heart rate spikes and I feel saped of strength. But that didn’t stop me fromRunning around Lamma island in Hong Kong.  I stopped at turtle bay 3 times and never saw another human.

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‘Hashiru’ means run in Japanese, I learned this from some friendly local runners near imperial palace, in downtown Tokyo.  I also learned how to get  失われた (lost) which was not hard at all. Fortunately Tokyo has 404 streets for that occasion.  

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Running in Singapore has two different names. Lari, and jangka. Which is fitting as the city itself feels like two different places. The photo above is from the “little India” neighborhood.  Which is only a few block away form the maze of high rises and shopping malls below. Both were a blast to run though […]

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Pronounced “un-yeong” is the Korean word for run. Which I learned with a hand full of other words like “too hot” and “crazy” while visiting the island of Jeju, South Korea earlier this year.  A few other Automatticians and I spent a few days on Jeju talking to local businesses and members of the municipal […]

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The road most traveled

Every year Automattic brings everyone in the company to a single location for what we call the ‘Grand Meetup’. One of the most interesting activities we do are flash talks, brief presentations that each person gives allowing us a way to know each other better. Here’s a transcript of mine: I was going to talk to you about […]

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Upper body

Once upon a time, I ran from the Denver Airport to downtown for a WordCamp conference. It was 30 miles each way. Much to my surprise, the part of my body that hurt most were my shoulders and arms. Apparently, dangling your arms for 8+ hours while bouncing down the road can lead to fatigue. […]

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